The problems of the European Union

* Democratic institutions in the EU
* stop the increase in poverty in the EU
* increase taxes on speculative money (financial world)
* decentralization to the highest level facilitating citizen participation
* reception of refugees
* stop with the EU bomb attacks in the world
* promote a neutral EU but strengthen the defense of the European Union
* Swiss model pension system for all EU citizens
* promote conventional agriculture prohibiting transgenic crops
* true climate change policy starting with the EU
* other problems that citizens will present through citizen initiatives in accordance with the
future Constitution for the EU

Can be resolved from the elections to the European Parliament 2019 because
the Political parties mentioned in the list have as a priority the development of a Constitution
for the European Union adopted by citizens according to project of Mehr Demokratie (for
more info click on Constitution EU )
All the political parties mentioned in the list do not commit to any coalition with the rest of
the parties EXCEPT to carry out a Constitution for the EU adopted by the citizens as a main
priority once the new Parliament is constituted in 2019
Politic party ............................ can be voted ................... Infomation
Parti Federaliste Europeen FR, DE, PT, NL
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Political Parti..
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Call for the EP 2019 elections

„EU Citizens Alliance“ asks all citizens to vote only for the political parties
mentioned in the list in the upcoming elections on May 26, 2019 to the
European Parliament.
If the Political Parties of the aforementioned list obtain an absolute majority once the
Parliament is constituted, they will develop the EU Constitution adopted by the citizens. „EU
Citizens Alliance“ requests the collaboration of all the press, radio, TV, etc, to participate and
inform about the citizen movement facilitating the participation of citizens at local, regional,
state and EU level